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ohsweetjesus...i've died and gone to heaven
by Blogger Bruce Grant @ 11:42 PM  

it's like confetti.. very festive..
by Anonymous lucien @ 12:10 AM  

microscopic view of a cell!
by Blogger chris @ 3:00 AM  

Very very very nice.
I wish I could make it a fave :-)

by Anonymous zeekomkommer @ 3:06 AM  

what a wonderful "one of them"
by Anonymous Johanna @ 3:22 AM  

just fabulous, makes me happy!

(been doing everything but what i have to do, work. in portuguese we say: to push things with the belly! oh ho!)


by Anonymous g_z @ 12:34 PM  

can't stay away from this...
by Blogger Bruce Grant @ 6:08 PM