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i love this
i love this
(wish i could write in english: the feeling of this. frail. fragile. equilibrium. vertigo. to fall down. to fly)

by Blogger Unknown @ 10:43 AM  

ReMinDed mE oF thE PraYeR thinGies oN thE WaY tO mT.EvEReSt
{noT cloSe=oH weLL}[mY braIn cliCkS iN MysteRioUs waYs wheN I see yoUr PicS

by Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:36 PM  

for someone who "can't write in english" *L is pretty poetic, não é?
by Blogger Bruce Grant @ 9:45 PM  

oh my dear!

they did their duty...
(i never know much what to say
nor in english neither in portuguese)
but i love this too*******

by Anonymous Anonymous @ 7:49 AM  

Me too !!!

I want this, printed out, very big, on my wall ...

by Anonymous Anonymous @ 4:44 PM  

wow, this is just as Luisa put it !

this page-picture blog is special !

by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:45 AM  

by Anonymous Anonymous @ 8:03 PM