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simply stunning.
works in thumbnail side, then opens to reveal something more and different.
this one is throwing me for a loop... why do i love this so much?

by Anonymous gail @ 1:10 AM  


simply fab!
(city sim*)

by Anonymous g_z @ 7:37 AM  

This picture made me think of Tacita Dean's short-movie "Boots"-- where an eccentric old man moves through a different sequence of rooms while recounting anecdotes from the life of the quasi-historical persona he has spontaneously chosen to inhabit.
I'm attracted to empty ex-inhabited places where one there was...

by Blogger chris @ 8:33 AM  


i LOVE it!


by Blogger Luisa @ 5:43 PM  

como *L
by Blogger Bruce Grant @ 6:57 PM  


This looks like a shot from a long story.

Wish there were someone to tell it.

by Anonymous harry @ 11:36 AM  

Awsome !!!
by Anonymous berta ... @ 9:13 AM