chelsea deconstructed: a site specific installation: 5/5

1/15 - 2/29/06 | chelsea nyc




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Beautiful ...
by Anonymous berta ... @ 1:35 PM  

i'm enjoying your foto's since a long time on different locations
and i love them all.
the minimalism, the poetry, the overall feeling is so warm. nice food for dreaming.
thx a lot for sharing this beauty.

best wishes from antwerp

by Blogger slö @ 7:47 PM  

D !

this cheers and uplifts me
on a hard day in a low place

by Blogger Bruce Grant @ 3:10 PM  

I just love this
by Anonymous ladle/lw100 @ 4:01 PM  

but, is that ... ?


by Anonymous g_z @ 3:30 PM  

You have a very good Blog
Keep up the good work!

by Blogger Mast Ram @ 6:30 AM